Monday, May 5, 2014

..Moving to apps!..

Beta testing my new game on my rabito iPhone!

Are Flash games dead?

Up until recently I have been denying the reality but it's time for me to learn how to create HTML 5 games, the easiest solution to wrap games into apps for iOS and Android devices.

Making Flash games will always be what I like the most. And I still haven't found any better software than Flash , allowing users to both design graphic elements and code an entire game within the same interface.

But more and more publishers want HTML5, less Flash.

And what really impacted me... was the fact that Mochiad definitely closed last month. It was the best network for Flash game development and I learned how to include high scores, ads and use API thanks to them

But I guess you can't stop the Internet. It's time to learn new stuffs .

So I am now designing this little game with my bf!
Stay tuned it's coming out soon!

Drawing graphic elements

Animating a cat!

... and the result on my Rabito!