Thursday, September 30, 2010

..Inverted Bob Hair Style..


I went to my favorite hairstylist.
I have never been disappointed.
She is doing such a great work!

I hated short hair since childhood, but I was looking for a change.
She told me that inverted bob hairstyles were trendy, chic look and easy maintenance.
And definitly hot this winter 2010.

And... here I am:
What do you think? My hairstylist told me that I looked like a student a lot (which I am).

Oh I just noticed on IkeMegu's blog (池田恵, S Cawaii! model) that she did the same!
Hers is more regular though. See her blog entry.
And BENI too (singer and TV host for NHK Tokyo-Kawaii TV)!
She has been wearing this style for quite long.

More Inverted Bob Hair styles:


You can find more of them on , a japanese website with tons of hair styles, hair care tips, and useful addresses (Japan only).

It reminds me an old journal entry from my previous blog:
I was already thinking about short hairs haha. But on this picture, my hair was actually long and tied up with a barrette. I had so many layers that the illusion worked °0°

Friday, September 24, 2010


I have been working on this new dress up game since... quite a while haha.

I guess I was too busy working and discovering Hong Kong when I was there! And since my return in Paris, I haven't done much either (to find out why, read this post until the end!). And the result is... summer is over now, I need to adapt the game to summer / autumn fashion trend :)
Here is a screen cap of the game!!

Ohhhh... what can you see? Yes, usamimi It has been one of the hottest accessories this summer 2010 in Japan ; usamimi さ耳 comes from the abbreviation of rabbit, usagi () and ear, mimi (). So you can guess easily the meaning.
Of course, I bought one for fun, when I was shopping with my friend Lili in Shibuya 109 tower. Brand is Liz Lisa, here's a pic

I prefer to wear it slightly on the side so it does not really look like rabbit ears anymore but well, I don't want to look too stupid either *sigh* ...I am 1,70 meter tall so cute effect doesn't apply for me lol . And when I wear pumps, I become 1,80 meter tall so people start to be afraid hahaha x'D!

Anyway... let's pray I will be able to finish the game before winter (joke!)

Lately, I was kind of on "consumption" mode: it is so good to be back in France for the food! Our famous cheese of course, but also macarons .
  • "These small, round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle, are made every morning in Ladurée’s "laboratory". With each new season, Ladurée pays tribute to this its most famous creation by creating a new flavour."

Here in the box I bought: Chocolate - Vanilla - Rose - Pistachio - Raspberry - Blackcurrant Violet and, in addition, some seasonal flavours such as Chesnuts - Praline - Fig & Date. My family was very happy

And the other thing that keeps me away from my drawing tablet...

Tadaaam! I wasn't much of Apple or iPhone fan but today it is still the only smartphone with both excellent software and hardware (I don't take Blackberry into account, too professional for now!). I used to choose the HTC Diamond instead of the iPhone 3G but the navigation system was so slow! And the touch screen very disappointing.
So now I use the iPhone 4 and I'm very happy of it, with more than 50 apps. One of the app I bought is an amazing game, ranked first in many countries! Angry Birds. If you have a smartphone, you should definitly try it, there is a lite demo version that is free .

That's all for today, see ya!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

..Bye-bye Hong Kong, Back to Paris..

After 7 incredible months in Hong Kong, now I am back to Paris. Too peaceful, too silent! I was used to see Chinese people everywhere, to struggle in the crowd to find my way... and now Paris seems to be a little town in the country side compared to the madness of Hong Kong haha :)

I remember I hated Hong Kong during my first months there. Too hot, too humid, too many people, and totally lost in the middle of the skyscrapers. But when you overcome those little differences, the city is definitely one of the best I have known, even compared to Tokyo!! Or at least, same level.

When I was thinking of Hong Kong before, I would have thought of a polluted city without any green area. How wrong I was. Yes people all live in the same area, around 20% of the territory (if I remember well)... but the rest is all about beaches, mountains and jungle! During my week-ends there, I used to take a cab to go to the sea side, or to start a hiking track in the jungle. Only 20 minutes of cab and 8 US dollars and you were lost in the middle of nowhere, total nature.

Night life at Hong Kong is also quite incredible, more of the English style with a lot of pubs, bars, and everyone drunk in the street. Usually, all the entrances are free for girls and some days extra free drinks are provided.

*Sigh* so sad to leave. But now it's a new chapter of my life, in Paris. And in 8 months, Osaka is waiting for me to finish my studies. I will miss a lot all the friends I met there, and my team at work, especially my boss.