Saturday, June 1, 2013

【日本のココが嫌】 What has disappointed you regarding Japan?

*yawn* the weather this spring is so bad in Europe and London particularly
I feel I haven't done much besides work - just staying at home and sleeping!

While waiting for the sun , I have been wandering on rocketnews24, a website that brings all kind of strange and funny news mostly from Japan and Asia. A bit like Yahoo's oddly enough, except that coming from Japan you can except another level or weirdness ha ha

They started recently to translate some of the articles in English but this one got my attention
So I share it here

"What has disappointed you regarding Japan?" Someone posted this question on reddit. "What thing(s) disappointed you, things you thought wouldn't happen in Japan, stuff you underestimated (or overestimated), stuff that just happened to you and more common things that could happen to anyone. Share your let downs."

According to rocketnews24, these are the top 8 most frequent answers.
      Everything you do requires money / requires a fee

     "let's meet again soon"

     Quality of local medial care

     Keeping face VS one's real opinion

     A lot of other strange foreigners

     Their broken English

     Speaking too low

     Also stealing (umbrellas, bicycles, etc.)
I can't agree more with !
There are fees to pay everywhere in Japan and it seems normal to people that fun equals spending money. Since you don't throw a lot of house parties there, everything happens in restaurants, karaokes, during tabehoudai, nomihoudai, (all you can drink/eat), and so forth. And it's about 2 000-3 000 yens each time (15 to 20 GBP), so imagine how much you need per week to attend all the parties at uni

Full article here.