Sunday, September 1, 2013

【Release info】Sweet Lolita MEGA DRESS UP


YES! A new dress up game is coming soon

And it's what I call a mega dress up game,
meaning you can play with more than 200 items

I put a lot of work into the menu and its polishing,
making sure it's smooth enough and intuitive.

And as always, I tried to add a few new features,
this time it will be a character card/ID maker...
and a button to share the outfit to Facebook!

Game information:

  Sweet Lolita MEGA DRESS UP
 to be released end of October

A bit more on the subject:

Sweet Lolita (甘ロリ, amaloli) is a street fashion in Japan
that is based on Rococo and Victoria-era clothing,
with current influences from the kawaii subculture:
powdery pastels, cupcakes, fruits, candies and
 ribbons are the main trademarks of a Sweet Lolita.

Some items are also inspired by the gothic version of
this trend, Gothic Lolita (ゴスロリ, gosuloli).

Development log:
Body & Hair styles --- 100% done
Accessories --- 100% done
Outfit design panel --- 100% done
Shoes and socks --- 100% done
Interface & Backgrounds --- 95% done

That's more than 200 items to play with

To finish, a little snapshot of my development workspace: