Monday, October 31, 2011

..Halloween NAMPA in Osaka..

It is getting cold laterly...
But here girls don't care at all as it is Halloween!
And Halloween in Osaka as everywhere in Japan I think means sexyness
Sexy nurses, sexy pirates, sexy princesses, sexy little red caps...
And of course sexy bunnies!

Sorry the pictures are not very good in quality.
My boyfriend took them for me with his old camera

One of the best places to find cheap costumes is ドン キホーテ (Don Quijote), a discount chain store that is open 24h a day. I am such a fan of their mascot, Donki the penguin... I already talked about it in my entry about mascots.
What I like in this picture is that even the shop assistant plays the game with her pirate hat

However, some people really take it seriously with elaborated costumes...

A character of Dragon Ball Z?

In game centers, you can also do Halloween purikura with pumpkins, etc.

Don't you think the girl's hair really looks like a pumpkin?

But for most people, Halloween means...
NAMPA time!! Time to hit on girls

Nampa time 1: what is this guy doing

Looking for preys of course

Nampa time 2: hosts and hostess are also out looking for customers...

The girls are eating a luminous lollipop Want one too!!

Nampa time 3: more and more NAMPA

Saturday, October 29, 2011

..More baby sushi! Are you a Nadeshiko?..

My last blog entry reminds me of other cute baby sushi I got to eat
However, this time I could order them in a real menu

Back in June 2010, my friends in Tokyo took me to this place

Very nice feeling?
Unfortunately I don't remember where it is

When I opened the menu, I saw this:

"Special menu for girls
Nadeshiko 1790
When hand-rolled sushi become tiny cute!"

And after waiting a few minutes...

It's even better in real!!

Why is it called Nadeshiko menu?
Nadeshiko is a Japanese name but here means "lovable girl"
...because you can eat the sushi with elegance and courtesy (≧∇≦)
Indeed, they are smaller than the regular ones so you don't need to chew like a cow or bite them in 2

Well all I can say is that I'm not a nadeshiko either lol
But it is still the ideal girlfriend for a lot of my male friends in Osaka Uni!

Are you a Nadeshiko?
Please comment below!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

..Baby sushi..

Some time ago I went to a seafood restaurant near my place in Osaka

The chef offered me these baby sushi
... look how small they are compared to the one in the background

I especially like the ebi sushi
Its tail is almost as big as the sushi itself (≧∇≦)

Actually I didn't order sushi but びっくり造り舟盛
(bikkuri tsukuri funamori... or "astonishing boat-wrap sashimi" lol)

Only 980
Or 1029 including tax (around 10 USD)
The funamori was too big for my iPhone so I tried a panoramic view

All the baby sushi can fit into my hand!

But they all finished into my stomac