Monday, August 30, 2010

..Shaking Anna Tsuchiya's hand..

Last Saturday, I went to Anna Tsuchiya’s “HEY YOU” live in Hong Kong! By pure chance, I walked by a flyer in the metro a few days before and managed to get tickets on time! Lucky!!
Actually Anna Tsuchiya is one of my favorite singers. I also love her performance in the movie Sakuran. To me, she represents the kind of woman that knows what she wants, is not afraid to get hurt and fights to reach her goals. And anyway, her voice is just amazing. I grown up in France so I am not used to hear very high pitch voices in my daily life... that is why I don’t really like common jpop such as Morning Musume singers. If it’s too high, I can even get a headache haha! But Anna’s voice is just perfect.
My favorite song of her is 黒い涙 (kuroi namida), even if I never watched the Nana anime. I can listen to it anytime. Please have a try if you don't know the song yet!

In front of the live flyer, waiting for the show to start

An~~na !!! Shibuya-san on the right. Kazuma-san on the left. First song was Dirty Game.

So stylish! I really love her eye expressions.

And... I shaked her hand OMG, *faints*
I didn't expected that, I didn't even expected to come that close to her.
She went down the catwalk to meet the audience, and I was there, waiting to shake hands!
So happy!

An-san wrote the following in her blog entry about the concert:

Next, here is a picture taken at the beginning of the live.
One-man show, like old time! It was so fun!

Even if it was my very first live in Hong Kong... everyone was really cheering me up. So happy.
Thank you people from Hong Kong♪

Actually sometimes I felt that An-san was a bit embarrassed because of the language gap between her and the audience. But she managed to perform impressively well nonetheless!



  1. Bienvenue sur blogspot!! xDDD grave que c'est mille fois mieux que sky xDDDD

  2. awww that amazing,, lucky you got tickets ♥
    i'm happy you did *huuuugs*

  3. hi irie you dont now me but i am a new menber of window live and i came across your blog when playing one of your dress up games and i wanted to ask u How to change my blog layout cuz i searchd the hole web and found nothing useful, your skin layout is really cute so pleace help me :) by nataliya kolesnikova

  4. hi Nataliya! are you using Blogspot? I don't know for window live's blog system :\