Saturday, December 25, 2010


 Merry Xmas

I wish you all a very happy and merry Xmas!
And if nothing is to celebrate (like in my case), I hope you had a good time with those you care about ハート

Uwaa... I have a relaxing holiday now (I've never slept that much!), trying to make the most of my free-time to wander around Paris and find presents to my friends and familly

 Inside the most famous shopping mall in Paris: Galeries Lafayette. They change the decortion every year, I do love this year's atmosphere

But first I got myself a little something... a Deviant Art Hoodie!! I have been a member of DA for more than 6 years now and I thought it was time to get something in real as "part of the community". So I bought the 10th BirthdAy Zip Up Hoodie which was 25% off . I got quite lucky as it was a limited edition: only sizes XS and XXS were left but thanks to the US sizing, XS fits me perfectly (whereas I wear S in European sizing and M in Japanese one huhu )

I ordered it online and it only took 3 working days for the delivery

I love the design on the back! This zip-up is high quality American Apparel product, you feel very comfortable and cozy in it

Speaking of DA, I launched a giveaway which is now closed! 3 winners will receive a month of subscription to DA (or premium membership): they will be soon nominated in this group:

I got also these presents for my familly:

 Clarins package for mum

 Serge Blanco scarf for daddy

 Cute Lamb plushie from London for my sis'
(I went to London 2 weeks ago and I found this adorable plushie)

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow !!


  1. awwwwwwwwwww Merry Christmas sweetie ♥
    kyaaaa kawaii gifts for family i hope u had great time with them before star working again lol
    ganbatte ~♥

  2. Bonne année 2011 <3 ^^

    Oh elle est toute mignonne ta peluche *__*