Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hi guys, I have been quite inactive here .
As a matter of fact I am just waiting to leave for Japan next month but I really fell into... this:

二ノ国 ("Ni no kuni", The Other/Second World), is a DS and PSP game by Japanese developer Level-5 and animation studio Studio Ghibli. The Nintendo DS version was released in December 2010.
See the beautiful trailer below:

I couldn't wait March to play it so I was going to gave a friend to bring it from Japan when I found the same package with 30% off on Play-Asia for a limited time. Yay !
The game is quite expensive, 6 800 yens (around 60 euros). You can understand why easily and I definitely do not regret it. First, the game comes in a big book-shaped package of around 1kg:

Removing the cover... It feels like I am about to open an antic book or something:

Inside, you will find:
  • the regular DS box that contains the cartridge
  • a jewel-encrusted book called Master Systems with all the runes you will need in the game, details about the monsters and items
  • which can also be used as the book's index

A random page inside the book:

Do you remember old times when there were not so many games to choose between and no "casual gaming" yet? Like, you were saving your pocket money month after month to buy one? I remember I was checking every single thing inside the box when I finally got a new game, reading the introducing book again and again. I was like discovering new territories, getting on an epic adventure.

Nowadays I don't have time anymore to get involved in a game, and most of the time I stick to puzzle games and "fast gaming" such as apps on iPhone. I read a lot newspaper, economics, politics, etc. I guess when you grown up you loose that part of imagination that pops so easily for children.

But as I said, Ni no Kuni totally caught my attention as a Role Playing Game, some of the cinematics are just wonderful:

It feels like moving around in a Miyazaki film!

As I said earlier, sometimes you will need to refer to the book to find the required rune and go ahead in the adventure. Also, you can catch/be friend with most of the monsters encountered in the game.


I am about to reach my 18th hour of play and I feel I still have a lot to discover.
I also read some negative comments on the game, like "having to play with the book is a pain as you need to carry it with you in the train or metro" but come on, Ni no Kuni is not a fast-game! Otherwise you won't get into the game and the magic won't work!

Anyway, I am back to the game!


  1. How beautiful pack! I don't know the game but it seam fun!

  2. :< Meuh c'est pô encore sorti en France, c'est pô juste ...
    T'es allée voir Arriety ? C'était génial ! *0*

  3. Hi Irie! :)
    I love your fashion games please make other soon!
    Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish :$
    P.S.Read it please!