Thursday, March 31, 2011

..New hair color, it's time to leave Paris!..

It's a one-in-a-life-time opportunity for me as I will have to go job hunting next semester.
So before, let's party and go crazy! うひゃあー ビックリ

  Getting blonde jokes... check lol!

My flight is on sunday .
As I will be busy meeting friends on Friday and Saturday night, I tried to start packing today.

Thanks to my dear Shahi-chan, I discovered a very cute yet useful app for iPhone4! It works like a diary and eventhough I usually don't like diaries, this time it had me sold haha ハート. I still use the iPhone4 built-in calendar for my homeworks and meetings, but I will write some random facts of life in this diary such as today's entry...

  • Pink yukata for upcoming hanami (cherry blossom) event at school (I don't want to buy a new one there, it is minimum 6 000yen / 50 euros)
  • Liz Lisa clothes for bohemian style!
  • Kerastase products for hair care (I only use Kerastase products, they are the best!)
  • Red purse with tons of make up products inside lol
  • and clothes, clothes and again, clothes...

You can insert pictures directly into the journal entry and change several settings such as text color, text size, etc. My suitcase is already full with 21 kg and I haven't put any shoes yet !!

Oh and for those who wonder, I will keep this diary in Japanese, my blog in English and my Facebook in French as to practice and not to forget any of them lol.

On the main page, you can also decorate each month with stickers, change skins, put your period date (obviously it's for girls right?) and other cool stuffs such as statistics on what has been done each month (reading, academy/study, bingeing, drinking, lying around at home or smooth bowel movements).
Mine is so empty, I hope April will be fully decorated!

And the best is that... it's TOTALLY FREE ! So check it out!


  1. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ u went blond OMG XDDDD kawaiiiiii~ ♥ ya ya go crazy lol

    ganbatte on your trip honey, u'll be in my thoughts, i wish u a save and fun trip ^^ *huuuuuuuuuuuuuugs* keep us in touch to check on u,ne~♥

    21KG oii O3O that is a lot , how did u even put it on a scale lol

    and i'm happy you liked this app, i don't have "i" anything XDDD but now i wish i did lol
    may be when it's time i'll get one someday ^^ deshou!~~~ LOL XD

  2. OMG t'es blooonde!! Ca te va bien dis donc!
    Je te souhaite un bon voyage! :D

  3. Wow ça change les cheveux blonds !! C'est cool !
    Ca va ils ont pas trop pleuré tes cheveux ? M'enfin, une fois ça devrait aller (^,^)
    Trop choupi l'appli I-phone, ça donne envie d'en avoir un... x'D

  4. Ohhh you look soooooo adorable with blonde hair ^w^!!

  5. I've always ^3^ wanted to dye my hair blonde. I've been brunette my whole life.
    Awesome blog. I've been following your Deviantart profile for a while but this is my first visit to your blog.