Tuesday, January 10, 2012

..Hello London! and Fotoshop by Adobé..

Ready to go!!

London, I'll be here in a few hours

There is no weight limit on the Eurostar ...
But I need to carry all these stuffs by myself in the station before a friend picks me up (^^)

I probably have, like, 45 kilos there

And yes!... Alpaka kun is coming with me!

Too bad there is no more room for my other plushies!


By the way, do you remember this picture? I blogged it quite a long time ago here.

Well a guy named Jesse Rosten made a video of a similar but nevertheless revolutionary product and it's called... Fotoshop by Adobé 

PS: as mentionned, this commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty.


  1. la chance >.< je veux retourner à Londres !! fais bon voyage Irié (bon courage pour transporter tes baggages surtout XD)

  2. have fun. i always wanted to go to london. are you an akb fan, too? my favorite is matsubara natsumi. she isn't that popular, but i like her!

  3. In the Eurostar right now!!(*^^*)

    @Sinath: oui jai trop galeré pour tout charger dans le wagon x)) l'expression chargée comme une bourrique prend tout son sens là!!

    @Ken: oh I see who she is! I can't say I am much of a fan but there is AKB stuff all around in Japan so you're kind of forced to know them haha.y classmates can even do their choreography during karaoke (ーー;)

  4. Je te suivais il y a de ça très longtemps (avec Koruldia et tout)! Bref, bonne continuation et j'espère que tu auras du plaisir à Londre ! :3

  5. I hope you enjoy London!

    Omg that video is awesome haha!! It made me laugh a lot! XD