Saturday, January 7, 2012

..Rabito Bling Bling Hotpink..

My new iPhone4 case!
It's a Rabito

When I first saw it in Osaka Umeda's LOFT a few months ago I didn't know it was a big hit coming from Korea. Its designer is named Mina Kwag

Rabito comes with a bunny eared case and a fluffy bunny tails that can be used as screen cleaner or as stand for the iPhone

It is quite pricey (around 3 000 yens or 30 USD) but I think the quality is worth it: the soft synthetic rubber used for the case does not smell rubber at all and has a stylish pearl coating...

See below, it glitters

I used a bunch of moji seals to slightly customize the case

Thanks to the bunny ears, I do not longer lose my iPhone in my bag and spend minutes trying to retrieve it!
Moreover, the ears are a  perfect cable wrap for the headphones to prevent them from wandering freely in my bag.

Here is how Rabito looks when you have it in hands!

It's also convenient when both hands are occupied and you need some help for the sign hihi

Last thing, a funny fact...

My Japanese friends think it is cute because of the bunny ears.
My French friends think it is sexy because of the playboy bunny ears.

I guess it's a cultural difference

Get your rabito here!


  1. Hehe I think it's cute because of bunny ears))) And I think there can be more versions of case - cat ears, panda ears etc.! Even Cheburashka ears xD

  2. Cheburashka xD!! Yes that can be a hit too :3

  3. I wanted one of these when I got an iPhone, but I was worried it might break in my bag. What do you think?

  4. @bloomzy: don't worry the bunny ears and the whole case are made of rubber material so they won't break that easily :)
    I have been travelling rabito in my bag for a month without really taking care it and it's all fine!