Monday, November 4, 2013

..Apologies! Game release delayed a lil bit..

Uaaa sorry I'm late!!!

Last month was quite a busy month for me
and I didn't realize that some people were
waiting for my next dress up game...


I hope it will be worth waiting! I am actually
having troubles with the Facebook export stuff,
so it may not be available in the final game
(the whole process is over complicated now)...


But otherwise you will have more than 200 items
to play with, 3 different lolita themes, skin colours, etc.

Oh and I am also thinking about hosting an outfit
contest on

The most creative outfit will win a cute prize!

See you soon!!

Me as a combo cat/witch ahah


  1. Ooo an outfit contest sounds awesome!
    Take as long as you need ^-^ I'd rather the game be delayed and every bit be awesome than you try to rush it and skimp on some stuff. Looking forward to playing~!

    1. aww thanks Ari! It's like 99% finish I just need to force myself to do the remaining 1% °0°

  2. Perfection takes time...I'd rather you take your time than to throw out something that is rushed.

    I'm sure it will be great like the rest of your games, and I can't wait!!

  3. Can't wait! XD I'm really looking forward to it. Take your time, you're awesome!