Friday, November 15, 2013

【Release】Sweet Lolita MEGA DRESS UP

Play this "Mega" dress up, featuring over 200 beautiful items that you can color, mix and match to your heart's delight! You can even apply kawaii fabric patterns, featuring cupcakes, ponies and lollipops, then decorate your lolita with fashionable stockings (woo, argyle!) and adorable shoes.
Special thanks to my gifted friend Dentelle127 for the amazing music
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It's finally finished!!! Finished!! FINISHED !!!
It's been a year but... I'm back with a new Sweet Lolita game, the Japanese street fashion based on Rococo and Victoria-era clothing. Please try out the powdery pastels, cupcakes, fruits, candies and ribbons, you can arrange your lolita outfit from over 200 items

The game also includes a character sheet to create a Lolita ID card (in the menu click on "Finish" > "Create lolita id").
So don't forget to use the finish button!
Lolita style: sweet
Special ability: likes both sweet loli and goth loli.
Goes for a special sweet x goth style!
Favourite colour: pink and black
Favourite food: strawberry macaron
Favourite brand: Angelic Pretty
Personal quote: Wanna be friend with lolitas

Also I have decided to relaunch an outfit contest and the prize will be one of these!!
To find out more, go on my doll group on deviantArt!


  1. OMG! OMG!!! I saw this game go live about a week ago on DollDivine, and I've been playing it every since!! The art style is a bit different from your other dress up games, but is still very cute. I love all of the options and accessories, especially the new character customizations!!! The artwork is so cute, I'm thinking about setting one of my outfits as the background on my phone!

    Really GREAT job on this game!!! Thanks so much!

    I'll definitely enter the outfit contest; I absolutely have to have one of those sheep, they are so cute!!
    (sorry for all the exclamation points, but I absolutely love this game!)

    1. A lot of people played it first on DollDivine, that's nice :D!! Yes the coloring style is a bit different than for my previous games, I thought it would fit better the lolita kawaiiness style (also easier for colouring options haha).
      Yes please make sure to participate! I can also advise you to have a look at the best dolls on dolldivine, some of them are amazing ;)

  2. When I click on your RSS feed it seems to be a ton of garbage, is the malfunction on my reader?
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