Saturday, December 28, 2013

..2013 season's greetings..

My Christmas surprise for 2013!

 (Belated) Merry Christmas everyone!!

Have a good time with your family, friends, loved ones
Get a lot of gourmet food and good rest until the new year

I have been spending quality time with my parents and sister in Paris,
and also quite a few hours on my Christmas present...
the amazing, magnificent black and gold limited edition of Zelda 3DS XL
... which of course came with a download code for Zelda A Link Between Worlds


The first game I ever finished was Zelda Link's Awakening DX on GameBoy Color and the game had a huge impact on my childhood along with Pokemon Red. I am not a hard core gamer but I am very grateful I could play those games, unlike some kids that were 100% forbidden to play video games by their parents. Surely that doesn't happen anymore today?

The only other game of the series I finished is Zelda Spirit Tracks on DS, which was okay but not revolutionary... But this time everything is sublime, graphics, musics, mini-games... for people like me that never played the 1991 prequel SNES title A Link to the Past it's just a wonderful fresh experience with the guarantee to have the best of the license condensed in 20ish hours...
Which is not that bad

The bundle box.

Chest-opening sound! Ta da da daaaaaaa! You can see the triforce on the top part.

Golden handheld console.

My Mii is born!

A Link Between Worlds is almost done... Next 50ish hours of my life will be on Pokemon X!

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  1. Sounds like fun! I've been a console gamer myself, but I used to play a lot of computer games before adulthood got in the way!!