Saturday, December 14, 2013

..Hong Kong getaway.. Part 1

Morning view from Admiralty, Hong Kong island.

I got a last minute opportunity to go back to Hong Kong for a few days, so of course I said YES!

... and that's also why I am late announcing the results of the Sweet Lolita outfit
(if you missed that please read my previous post, 【Release】Sweet Lolita MEGA DRESS UP)


 ReijiNoHana wins the 1st prize, a 3 month membership to DA or any of the plushies (see previous journal)! I was totally surprised by the fairy outfit she managed to pull out from the game, and it is totally in the spirit of 6%DokiDoki x Kyary Pamyu. It's sweet, colorful and cute, plus special mention for using a darker skin color
Her creation: link

RoyalVintage wins the 2nd prize, a 3 month membership to DA! The outfit is a success in terms of sweet lolita fashion, plus I love her character's special ability, "Can cast a sweet magic at an evil person and make them good for a day"
Her creation: link

Mysano wins the 3rd prize, a 3 month membership to DA! I think shironuri fashion is a sub trend less popular than the sweet lolita fashion, but it's a she managed to make it cute and very representative of this style. I also love the flower stickers as make up
Her creation: link


There was supposed to be only one winner but given that the game received a Daily Deviation and the popularity of the contest, I decided to pick 3 winners

You can view the announcement here or check all the entries (more than 120!!) here.

Now back to my little getaway

Arrived on Saturday just in time for the sunset!

Went straight to my favourite sushi chain in HK, Itacho Sushi!

website link
 It's fresh, better than most restaurants you can find in Europe and you get -50% after 10pm!

View on WanChai, Hong Kong Island

And yes you can shop, eat, party in Hong Kong... but what is less cliché is the nature-part of Hong Kong, the incredible trails that allow you to see the jungle, reservoirs, beaches, peaks with stunning views over the mountains or the city...

So if one day you visit Hong Kong, even during a stopover, make sure you try the trail as some parts can be done in less than 2 hours
You'll find all the information on this website.

I managed to take a few pictures of the one I did, called Dragon's Back

  I believe I can fly!

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