Tuesday, December 20, 2011

..Food addiction in Osaka..#4 焼き肉

This is the fourth entry of my food addiction series in Osaka
Sorry the rest of the pictures are taken with my iPhone and not good in quality.

Kyo no ki-daore, Osaka no kui-daore
Kyoto people ruin themselves on clothes,
Osaka people ruin themselves on food

焼き肉 (yakiniku)

I was discussing with an American friend about the first thing we would eat back home.
I said: "of course cheese!" (yes, that's such a cliché...)
She said: "a huuuuuuuge beef steak!"

Indeed, beef meat is really expensive in Japan and most of the time it ends up mixed with other ingredients
For example onions, bread crumbs, sometimes pork meat are mixed with beef in Japanese hamburgers

Fortunately, since the quantity is limited, you can improve the quality of taste: in yakiniku restaurants (yakiniku literally means "grilled meat"), you order several types of prepared ingredients like marinated beef that you cook yourself on a on a grill built into the table. When the food is ready and grilled as you like, you dip it in sauces and eat it with a bowl of rice. Like this:

Since you have to wait several minutes before each series of pieces, you will feel that you have had enough with less food than if all the food was ready to eat at the same time

I guess that can be general motto: eat less and take the time to enjoy your food

My favorite yakiniku restaurant near my place in Osaka Umeda:

It's quite noisy but I love the atmosphere (very Osaka-like) and most of all... it is open until 5am!
Perfect when you miss the last train or want to discuss all night long with friends
Moreover, you get free tea and free refill after the meal.

You can eat well for less than 2000 (25 USD)
There are also sets for 2 available for 3180 and 3980


  1. Amazing report!<3
    I want to taste yakiniku thanks to it very much)))
    Eat less and take the time to enjoy your food - this is gorgeous!

  2. Wow, this looks yummy! I would love to go there!