Tuesday, December 27, 2011

..Vintage Camera for iPhone..

Name: Vintage Camera
Seller: Presselite
Price: Free/in-app purchase (¥85)
Language: Japanese
Link: http://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/vintage-camera/id483959252

There are many retro photo editing applications for iPhone but this one is my favourite of the moment

It is very stylish and convenient to use when you want to make your photos more expressive and life-like. That's why I decided to review it below

#1 Design
#2 Vintage filters
#3 Conclusion

#1 Design
As you can see the main interface looks so cool! Like a reflex camera. Also, the photo gallery takes the form of an old roll of film and stores all the photos you edited using the application.

Once the picture is taken directly within the application camera or chosen in your camera roll album, you can choose between several effects in the editing screen

#2 Vintage filters
There are 14 vintage filters. That may seem a bit limited, but unlike the Lo-Mod application (I ended up using the same 3 or 4 filters all the time) here all of them are worth trying and gives a specific feeling to the picture.

  Theme Park
  Crème Brûlée
  Dark Knight
  Hollywood (in-app purchase)
  Watermelon (in-app purchase)
  Rockstar (in-app purchase)
  Morning (in-app purchase)

My favourites are Magnetic, Rainbow, Chaplin, Hollywood and Rockstar 

#3 Conclusion

And the result is...

I tried the effects on food pictures I took in Paris, Osaka and Tokyo

of review


  1. Merci de remplir mon iPhone d'appli en tout genre x)

  2. hihi merci Kaoru je fais tourner les trucs intéressants :3

  3. I use this too. It's really good.
    Thanks for the review!