Monday, October 31, 2011

..Halloween NAMPA in Osaka..

It is getting cold laterly...
But here girls don't care at all as it is Halloween!
And Halloween in Osaka as everywhere in Japan I think means sexyness
Sexy nurses, sexy pirates, sexy princesses, sexy little red caps...
And of course sexy bunnies!

Sorry the pictures are not very good in quality.
My boyfriend took them for me with his old camera

One of the best places to find cheap costumes is ドン キホーテ (Don Quijote), a discount chain store that is open 24h a day. I am such a fan of their mascot, Donki the penguin... I already talked about it in my entry about mascots.
What I like in this picture is that even the shop assistant plays the game with her pirate hat

However, some people really take it seriously with elaborated costumes...

A character of Dragon Ball Z?

In game centers, you can also do Halloween purikura with pumpkins, etc.

Don't you think the girl's hair really looks like a pumpkin?

But for most people, Halloween means...
NAMPA time!! Time to hit on girls

Nampa time 1: what is this guy doing

Looking for preys of course

Nampa time 2: hosts and hostess are also out looking for customers...

The girls are eating a luminous lollipop Want one too!!

Nampa time 3: more and more NAMPA


  1. Lol Halloween seems to be so fun in Japan! Hahaha they are even more well costumed than in Canada!

  2. You have awesome Halloween in Osaka!^^
    We had crazy one in Moscow)))
    I think for our girls this night means a night without shame))) And a lot of "slutty" costumes of course xD Witches, cats, fairies, devils are popular Halloween images for girls in my country)

  3. Aaah I really miss Namba!!! I wish I could go back for halloween; my boyfriend said it was crazy this year!! lol

  4. @Nana: but the costumes in Japan aren't scary at all (^^;) I saw on TV how people do Halloween in the USA, some of the outfits can give nightmare for months x)

    @Yulia: agreed! A lot of girls wear cleavage for Halloween :D

    @てぃあ♡: oh did you live in Osaka? Nice!!

  5. Haha it was always funny to see guys try to nampa a girl when I was in Tokyo XD

  6. @bloomzy: ahaha yes, they really don't know how to do it right ;)