Saturday, October 29, 2011

..More baby sushi! Are you a Nadeshiko?..

My last blog entry reminds me of other cute baby sushi I got to eat
However, this time I could order them in a real menu

Back in June 2010, my friends in Tokyo took me to this place

Very nice feeling?
Unfortunately I don't remember where it is

When I opened the menu, I saw this:

"Special menu for girls
Nadeshiko 1790
When hand-rolled sushi become tiny cute!"

And after waiting a few minutes...

It's even better in real!!

Why is it called Nadeshiko menu?
Nadeshiko is a Japanese name but here means "lovable girl"
...because you can eat the sushi with elegance and courtesy (≧∇≦)
Indeed, they are smaller than the regular ones so you don't need to chew like a cow or bite them in 2

Well all I can say is that I'm not a nadeshiko either lol
But it is still the ideal girlfriend for a lot of my male friends in Osaka Uni!

Are you a Nadeshiko?
Please comment below!


  1. Woww! So cute! Hahaha I am not a lady either! I feel that I am not fit to eat such a cute sushi!

  2. Kyaaaaaaa ~ OvO i didn't know you reopend it ♥
    Ohhhhhhhhh i didn't know they make it is small size >v< so kawaii~ LOL yes that is very helpful to be that small, it help to look good while eating deashou lol

    Anu....~ can you add my blog to your fav too! OwO if there is no place it's no worries XDD ♥
    Love you always ^^ i'll keep checking back

  3. Special menu is amazing! I want to taste it so badly omg omg T_T
    I knew about Nadeshiko))))) But it is awesome idea to use her name in restoraunt business like that) May be I have some features of character from her hehehe)