Thursday, October 27, 2011

..Baby sushi..

Some time ago I went to a seafood restaurant near my place in Osaka

The chef offered me these baby sushi
... look how small they are compared to the one in the background

I especially like the ebi sushi
Its tail is almost as big as the sushi itself (≧∇≦)

Actually I didn't order sushi but びっくり造り舟盛
(bikkuri tsukuri funamori... or "astonishing boat-wrap sashimi" lol)

Only 980
Or 1029 including tax (around 10 USD)
The funamori was too big for my iPhone so I tried a panoramic view

All the baby sushi can fit into my hand!

But they all finished into my stomac


  1. Waaah je connaissais pas, c'est trop choupiii !!

  2. だよねぇ!!ちっちゃくて可愛いぃ~(^O^)
    certains sushiya proposent des assortiments pour les filles... parce que c'est plus facile à manger et plus élégant à mastiquer xDD

  3. Woww so cute! I wouldn't be able toeat this hahaha!

  4. You are so cute ~!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG MUCHLY~! ♥♥ and your hair is awesome ~~♪

    (^o^)~~ I speak Japanese ~ you do too~?
    I love your blog & followed~! Care to visit & follow my blog, Harajuku Gal?

    xoxo for now,

  5. @Nana: I found other cute sushi in my pictures, I'll upload them for my next article :)

    @Wynterpon: Very nice blog!! actually I have an idea and will contact you soon♥♥ and yes you can talk to me in Japanese :3