Monday, October 24, 2011

..Osaka Uni: Wani and the campus..

Panoramic views of Osaka Uni campus taken with my iPhone during the cherryblossoms.

My uni (or former uni since I'm waiting for graduation now)

Osaka university or Handai for the intimates
Today I’ll walk you through the campus

But before that, do you remember my earlier entry about mascots in Japan?
Well my school has one too, and it’s called ワニ博士, Dr. Wani the crocodile
They even sell Wani’s phone straps, tshirts and plushies (*´▽`*)!

The Wani I'm cuddeling costs 16 000 yens (200 USD) though...

You can also see drawing and pictures of Wani everywhere around the campus

It may be surprising but remember, in Japan even the police has a mascot

And Wani's secret is...
Wani is a “Toyotamaphimeia Machikanense”, a crocodile/alligators of the end of the Paleolithic age
Its fossil was discovered during the construction site of the campus

According to the school’s museum, the fossil dates from 430,000 to 380,000 years before
With such major discovering, the school's mascot just had to be a crocodile

Now about the campus... (´・ω・`)

Japanese campuses are pretty like American ones: BIG like a city in a city with a health care center (#26), a post office (#29), dormitories (#23 #24 #25) and even a housing agency (#36)

Of course there are also plenty of restaurants and cafeterias

My favorite is Don Don (#38), namned after its 2 specialities Udon and Donburi
I prefer 300 (4USD) bentos, sold at multiple locations around the campus from 12pm to 1p m every day

Entrace of Don Don (spot Don Don's mascot: a cute little pig!) and 300 yens bentos

My buildings...
  • #4 経済学部・経済学研究科 (faculty of economics)
  • #6 基礎工学部・基礎工学研究科 (faculty of engineering science)
  • #11 大学教育実践センター 共通教育講義棟 (common teaching building)

By the way, in the building #6 works the worldwide famous Pr. 石黒浩 Ishiguro Hiroshi, famous for developing humanoid robots with lifelike appearance and visible behaviour such as facial movements... I find them a little scary (ーー;)

I wanted to visit his lab but people told me that he is very intimidating

More pictures...

Last thing, I don’t know why but there are a lot of wild cats around
On another campus they have wild monkeys haha (^^;)
(Osaka uni has 3 campus but the best one is of course mine!)

They seem to be pretty accustomed to school :)

That’s it for the campus tour!
I will try to talk about my classes and school life next time.
And of course, requests are more than welcome just leave them in the comment box


  1. Your university looks lovely and the mascot is so cool!
    It makes me miss my university in Shinjuku haha

  2. Awwwww you campus and university is really good and cosy!<3

  3. @bloomzy: waaa Shinjuku! that's a nice spot, my uni is lost in Osaka's outskirts (^^;

    @Yulia: it is ^3^!!

  4. Comme dit dans mon mail, je savais pas qu'au Japon il y avait des campus comme aux States alors je suis impressionnée !
    Merci pour cet article héhé, sans ça j'aurais jamais su (°0°)
    Il est trop mignon le crocodile et surtout la petite peluche sur le côté (pas celle à 16000Y x'D)!